Don't leave him to struggle alone.

Every young man faces the challenge of living chastely in our oversexualized world.  Freedom to Love provides training and resources to fathers and youth leaders so they are equipped to help their sons and young men grow in the virtue of chastity.  The Save Our Sons Course will teach you strategies and methods to help your son and other young men live porn free.

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3 Keys to Overcome Temptations to View Pornography

2 Simple Steps to Develop a Daily Prayer Routine

6 Keys to Understand God's Plan for Sexuality

5 Step Process to Grow in Emotional Maturity and Freedom

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I wish my own formation growing up had been informed by the understandings presented in the course.

It has good information presented in an informal, easy-to-follow format. It's not intimidating, overwhelming, or awkward.

I would recommend for fathers to learn about this regardless of the age of their children. 


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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the course for? 

The course is for:

  • Fathers
  • Male leaders who work with high school and college aged men
  • Men who want to learn ways to help other men

What will I learn? 

The course teaches practical strategies to share with your sons and young men to overcome the temptation to view pornography and engage in sexual sin.

We cover the following topics:

  • The spiritual tools the Church provides through prayer and the sacraments.
  • How our sexuality is good and is part of God's plan for our life.
  • Why pornography can be difficult to overcome and¬†helpful skills to make overcoming it easier.
  • Scientific tools to respond to times of specific temptation to look at pornography and engage in sin.

How much is the course?

Course access is $39 but we don't want money to keep anyone from having access to the material.¬† If money is¬†an issue, contact us at [email protected].

How do I access the course? 

You can sign up for the course using the link below. The workbook will be made available for digital download once you register. 

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The Fathers and Mentors Course Teaches You

the Freedom to Love Framework 


The challenges to a life of chastity have never been greater.

Fortunately, we have more practical and spiritual tools than ever how to overcome the trappings of pornography and sexual sin.

You can help your sons and we want to help you do that.

God's Plan for Life & Sexuality

It isn't enough to only focus on the behaviors we want to change.  We need a compelling vision for life and relationships that will satisfy our true desires.

Prayer & Sacraments

We don't have to do this on our own will power. God has given us prayer and the sacraments to live life in relationship with Him and experience transformation.

How to Respond to Temptation

We don't have to 'white knuckle' our way through life anymore.  Science shows us how we can direct our brain and body where we want it to go.

Emotional Maturity & Freedom

Our emotions inspire our actions.  We help young men understand the connection between thoughts, emotions and unwanted behaviors.

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